Review: EYOA 2023

I believe that in the world we live in today, real interactions are more important than ever. Values like freedom, acceptance or understanding for different cultural backgrounds can only be experienced in direct exchange and here with the unifying element of music.
Europe only has a future if we talk to each other.


EYOA-Conductor Jan-Paul Reinke about the EYOA idea

Listen to the result of our Academy 2023

Live concert recording in the Rococo Theatre of Schwetzingen Palace with works by Beethoven, Vogler, Mozart, Mendelssohn Bartholdy and the world premiere of Mario Joannou Elia’s Gaia, Behind the scenes: Rehersals of the World premiere of „Gaia“ and the Making of EYOA 2023.


Dainis Medjaniks, Violin (Latvia)
Constantin Sold, Viola (Germany)
Rebecca Blanz, Soprano (Germany)

Live recording EYOA Final Concert 2023

Live concert recording in the Rococo Theatre of Schwetzingen Palace

Making of EYOA

Making of European Youth Orchestra Academy 2023

Gaia World Premiere of Elia

Behind the scenes – World Premiere of Mario Joannou Elia’s Gaia

Gaia World Premiere of Elia

Gaia The Film about Mario Joannou Elia’s masterpiece

I had the pleasure and the honor this week to work with wonderful people, of course excellent musicians and to meet new friends! I’m proud of all this because I have lived the greatest and also the most beautifil experience until now in my life! Love you guyes.

Ioannis Christodoulidis, EYOA-Participant 2023 on facebook

EYO-Academy 2023 in snapshots

We simply lived the European idea

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